A SharpSpring CRM Success Story

When a startup company was looking for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, they were impressed with what SharpSpring had to offer for the price.  They needed a CRM to help with lead nurturing, analytics, email marketing, and drip campaigns just to name a few.  


With the outdated process they had in place, they were only able to send 2 emails and never knew how the leads engaged with the emails.  There was little to no functionality for dynamic content like they desired and they didn’t have a database for their contacts. In addition, they didn’t have the capability for looking at the lifetime value of a lead.




Quick Implementation – It only took about a month to implement SharpSpring and integrate with their website and other digital tools they had in place.  


Email Marketing – Once SharpSpring was implemented they were able to send dynamic content, a drip email campaign and monitor their email performance.  


Lead Nurturing – They were also able to nurture their leads with both email marketing as well as outbound calling.  SharpSpring provided the tool needed to properly follow up with their leads to increase qualifying candidates with lead scoring for their business partners.  


Lead Life Time Value – The pipeline management tool made it easy to see the value of the lead and review their email performance.




If you are looking for a CRM, SharpSpring has robust features and functionality.  SharpSpring is a flexible and complete marketing automation platform. In addition to how this start up company the CRM SharpSpring, it also provides social management tools, landing page and blog builders, A/B testing, Segmentation, Visitor Tracking, and Source Tracking.  SharpSpring is a comprehensive CRM that is generally a ⅓ of the cost of other comparable platforms.



If you are looking for your first CRM or a new CRM, Vital Digital can help!  We provide digital marketing services including, but not limited to content marketing, search engine optimization and website development.  Visit us at https://vitaldigital.us/contact-us/ and let us know how we can help.

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